We make cooking a fun and easy experience for everyone!

We're not just teaching you how to cook…

We bring amazing experiences that will teach you how cooking works and the science behind it!

We want to help people like YOU become a better cook, better organized, and have FUN in the kitchen in one of our culinary experiences!


Learn by Doing

We believe in a learning that is hands-on and interactive, where students have opportunities to explore, experiment and have fun!


Build LifeSkills

We help build the skills that our children will use for their future. Academics is important for every child, but to succeed academically, our children need essential lifeskills. These include problem solving, organizational abilities and resiliency which help kids grow into successful adults.


Ignite your creativity

We have specially planned recipes that cater to many dietary restriction and allergies. Plus even more creative ideas… just in case you want to experiment with different flavours or ingredients!


We make cooking a fun and easy experience for everyone!


The Kitchen Science Club! Let’s Bake! – January

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Our Story

"we want to change the way people cook"

Jeannette Barrow
Owner of Épiculiste

With over 20 years of cooking experience and as a chef, manager Jeannette is passionate about teaching others these essential skills to empower people.

She believes in principal concepts that can be taught at any age through
engaging instructions so all ages may enjoy food like never before!

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