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Corporate/ Organizations

Who are we?

Épiculiste offers fun and educational workshops for children, teens and adults revolving around cooking in an effort to build essential life skills. We are a community centered business focused on the well being of the community. The workshops are informative but also fun! In fact “fun” is what will make the workshop memorable and engaging. Épiculiste works with community based organizations to create an engaging workshop based on the organizations requirements.

Team building Activities

• Private activities for groups up to 24 people hosted in at your location

• Engage and motivate your employees through a cooking competition between teams in a fun atmosphere. Team members will get to know each other and work together to complete a recipe. With various challenges, your team will have to solve problems together and be creative!


• Conferences on various culinary themes: advice in planning recipes during the week, how to get children to help in the kitchen, the importance of family dinners, etc.

• Conferences specialized in different food trends such as veganism, zero waste etc.

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