The Ultimate Homemade Bread Rolls

Have you ever wanted to indulge your senses in the smell of warm, buttery bread rolls? Do you want to be the star of the family dinner or at your next dinner party with your friends? Look no further as we will guide you through the simple step-by-step tutorial in making homemade bread rolls that can be completed in less than 1-hour! Guess what? We will show you how for FREE! Yes, this tutorial is yours for free. Happy baking!

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Who are we ?

Jeannette has been offering in-person and online cooking classes since 2019. The classes focus on building life skills through cooking. These fun and interactive classes are easy to follow and results in an amazing recipe that the whole family can enjoy.

In this Self-Paced cooking class:

Students will learn to prepare mouth watering homemade bread rolls in less than 1-hour! Here is what you get for FREE!

Caramelized Banana Cake

Principle Concept

Learn the fundamental technique of bread making, and then repeat the technique in other recipes!


Coffee Chat!

Coffee chat video playlists are short, easy to follow videos that you can watch while you commute to work or as you sip your favourite beverage.

Queijadas De Leite

Easy-to-Follow Recipe Booklet

Our recipes have been designed to be easy-to-follow with clear steps that match the videos.

Classic Creme Brulee

Quick Reference Cheat Sheets

Pin these cheat sheets to your fridge, and within no time, you will be a master bread maker. They are EASY-to-follow, short and to the point.

Mexican Inspired Tres Leches Cake

Easy-to-Follow Video Tutorial

The videos are broken into steps, with a chapter function for you to skip or repeat. Subtitles are available and the videos can be casted to SMART devices.


YOU decide when to cook! These classes are pre-recorded giving you the freedom to decide when you would like to bake.

Mini Booklet

Each Student will receive a DIGITAL mini booklet of the recipe, along with essential terms, tricks and switch-ups! Perfect on any device, the booklet feels like a real magazine!

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Did we mention that this tutorial is FREE?

Class Value

So much value packed into one tutorial! Check out what you get!


Includes all of the items below PLUS regular updates!

Frequently Asked Questions

In the comfort of your home!

We choose recipes where students can easily pick up ingredients at a major grocery store. If the ingredient is difficult to find, we post links to Amazon.

This Tutrial is self-paced!

We are offering you this tutorial for free to allow you to experience our tutorials. We are pretty excited about them and we hope you are, too. If you like this tutorial, you are welcome to purchase our other tutorials at a great rate!

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